Marietta Pet Boarding & Grooming

Boarding for Your Pet

marietta pet boardingLassiter Animal Hospital is staffed with a loving and passionate group of individuals dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment for your cat, dog, small animal, or bird when you are away. Prior to boarding your beloved pet with us, we encourage you to take a tour of our facility and meet our wonderful, caring staff.

When traveling for business or taking your family on vacation, there is enough stress without having to worry about who is going to take care of your beloved animal companion. This is especially true if your pet has a chronic or acute medical condition that requires a caregiver with veterinary knowledge and experience. We provide your pet with safe and comfortable boarding as well as any necessary medical care. Your pet's special health needs, such as medicine administration, food preparation, and exercise will all be reviewed with you when your pet is admitted.

Please do not bring personal toys or blankets. Everything your pet needs to feel comfortable will be provided by our staff. We feed Science Diet Adult Maintenance Formula. Feel free to bring your own food if your pet eats a specialized diet.

Required Pet Vaccines and Tests

For dogs: Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, negative fecal exam
For cats: Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella

<? echo $title; ?>Grooming: Keep Your Pet Looking Good
and Feeling Great

Grooming is an important part of preventive medical care, and regular pet grooming at Lassiter Animal Hospital can help prevent serious medical problems, as well as make your pet look, smell, and feel great. For example, by having your pet groomed regularly, you can help detect skin infections and growths before they become a problem.

Lassiter Animal Hospital is happy to offer grooming services for your cat or dog, and a typical visit includes: bathing, conditioning, and blow drying; brushing and combing the coat; cleaning the ears; trimming longhaired pets if needed; nail trimming; and expressing the anal glands. Every breed of dog and cat is different, so the grooming for each pet is unique. We can recommend a grooming routine for your pet so you know exactly what to look for and how often.

If you have a puppy or kitten, acquaint him or her with grooming early to ensure an easy process from the start!

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Marietta pet boarding or grooming services we offer, please email or call us at (770) 998-5100.

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