Our Staff

Phyllis Jacobs, Office Manager

<? echo $title; ?>As Lassiter Animal Hospital's Office Manager, Phyllis Jacobs is responsible for bookkeeping, payroll, hiring, helping clients, scheduling, and more - but she sums up her job description as "keeping things running smoothly." She worked in the animal care field for 10 years as a receptionist and assistant manager before joining Lassiter Animal Hospital in August 2000.

"I think the whole veterinary community treats pets and their owners better than human medicine, and at Lassiter Animal Hospital we try to go above and beyond to help find solutions," she says. "I think of the staff and the doctors as part of my family."

Outside work, Phyllis enjoys biking, walking, skydiving, camping, hiking, cooking, and spending time with her husband Scot, children, grandchildren, and two domestic short hair cats, Lennie and Camile.

Colleen Allen, Assistant Office Manager

<? echo $title; ?>Colleen Allen joined Lassiter Animal Hospital first as a Kennel Attendant, later as a fill-in Technician and Receptionist in 2002. Collen works diligently to form special bonds with our clients and patients, and is now our Assistant Office Manager. Before joining our team, she worked as a groomer, dog trainer, wild animal trainer, and show dog handler. At Lassiter Animal Hospital, Colleen schedules appointments, answers questions from pet owners, and assists veterinarians when needed. She has a degree in animal science.

When asked why she likes working at Lassiter Animal Hospital, Colleen says that "the doctors and staff are all committed to providing excellent care to our patients, and employees are encouraged to bring their own skills and personalities to help clients."

Colleen has four dogs (a Borzoi and three Australian cattle dogs) as well as freshwater fish. In her free time, Colleen enjoys training and competing with her dogs in obedience and agility, photography, and hiking.

Linda Ridder, Receptionist

<? echo $title; ?>Linda Ridder joined Lassiter Animal Hospital first as a Kennel Attendant and then as a Receptionist in 1995. "I started out as a client," she says, "and the quality of care was so impressive that I wanted to be a part of it." Her 19 years at Lassiter Animal Hospital means that she knows many clients personally, and never hesitates to share valuable information with them. Not surprisingly, the relationships that she has been able to foster between patients and their families is her favorite part of her job.

Linda has a miniature Dachshund named Baxter. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and doing yard work.

Ashley Johns, Receptionist

<? echo $title; ?>Receptionist Ashley Johns' love for animals brought her to Lassiter Animal Hospital in May 2016. She has previously worked as a kennel supervisor for over four years. As part of the reception team, Ashley is responsible for making appointments, answering phones, greeting clients, and giving lots of love and comfort to all of our patients.

Ashley has two cats named Gucci and Stash, as well as two dogs: a Chihuahua named Tank and a German shepherd named Sativa.

Kathy Gregory, Receptionist

<? echo $title; ?>Biography coming soon!

Camila Alvarez, Receptionist

<? echo $title; ?>We are so lucky to welcome Camila Alvarez to the Lassiter Animal Hospital team! Camila is an essential part to making sure the office is running smoothly. Camila is currently a student at Georgia State University where she studies Nursing. When she is not at work, Camila loves to write songs, play tennis, and hang out with friends and family.

Camila is super passionate about animals and wants to help your pets in any way that she can. Her job responsibilities include setting appointments, answering phone calls, and attending to the clients in the clinic. She brings her warm and sunny personality to our office, and we are so grateful for her positivity! She is so caring toward all our patients, and her attention to detail makes her a fantastic receptionist. We are so happy to have her as part of the Lassiter Animal Hospital family!

Kara Bawsel, Receptionist

<? echo $title; ?>Lassiter Animal Hospital is so happy to have Kara Bawsel on our team! Kara is one of our wonderful receptionists that greets our patients every time they come in for a visit. Her positive attitude and friendliness toward our clients is what makes Kara so unique! She loves to do whatever she can to help every animal that comes in to our office. She has been working at Lassiter since January 2015. Her responsibilities include scheduling appointments, record keeping, greeting clients, and answering the phones. Kara is an essential person to keep our operations running smoothly.

When not at work, Kara loves to spend time with her own pets. Peanut is a 6 year old short-haired cat, and Enzo is a 2 year old russell terrier mix. She loves to run 2.5 miles everyday with Enzo. Her other hobbies include hiking, attending trivia nights, going to Target, traveling, and eating sushi. Kara says she loves to work at Lassiter Animal Hospital because it’s like a big family. She appreciates the hard work and dedication that the staff shows towards all their patients, and she is proud to be part of it! We are so lucky to have Kara as part of the Lassiter family!

Mickie Cullinan, Head Registered Veterinary Technician

<? echo $title; ?>Mickie Cullinan has a deep compassion and respect for animals that shines through when she's treating our patients or working with pets that are fearful or aggressive. As our Head Registered Veterinary Technician, Mickie's responsibilities include monitoring anesthesia during surgery, assisting the doctors with treatment plans, performing dental procedures, supervising the other veterinary technicians, and monitoring our hospital inventory. She has a bachelor's degree in biology and math and is a licensed technician. Mickie had been working in the animal care field for 4 ½ years before joining our staff in November 2000.

"I adore working at this clinic because the staff, the clients and the animals are the best. They are my extended family," Mickie says. "I feel fortunate that they allow me the privilege to share in their family's health. The clinic gives quality care without emptying the clients' pockets."

At home, Mickie enjoys the company of her own pets: two domestic short hair cats, a dog, and a freshwater fish. In her free time, Mickie enjoys being a wife and a mother to her three active daughters. She also enjoys gardening, exercising, and swimming.

Amanda Goodrich, Registered Veterinary Technician

<? echo $title; ?>As a Registered Veterinary Technician with Lassiter Animal Hospital, Amanda Goodrich's responsibilities include filling prescriptions, assisting with medical procedures, and interacting with clients. Amanda earned her bachelor's degree from Kennesaw State University and is a licensed veterinary technician in Georgia. She began working at Lassiter Animal Hospital in 1994 as a kennel assistant, left briefly, and returned to our staff again in 2000.

"Clients are here very loyal; we see them return year after year," Amanda says. "I enjoy going through the good times (a new pet!) and helping them through the bad times (the loss of their beloved friend). I find it very enjoyable to build and develop those relationships over the years."

Amanda has two dogs (Lucy and Lily) and two cats (Meow and Duke). She enjoys spending free time with her family, horseback riding, hiking, gardening, relaxing, camping, and paddle boarding.

Sydney Bauer, Registered Veterinary Technician

<? echo $title; ?>Sydney is our full-time Registered Veterinary Technician who joined our team at Lassiter Animal Hospital in May 2018. She assists our doctors in administering medications, supplying treatments to our patients, and working side-by-side with our veterinarians during appointments. Her positive attitude helps cheer our patients right up!

Sydney has a Bachelor's Degree in Veterinary Medicine from Mississippi State University and has been working in the animal-related field for six years.

"I like working at Lassiter Animal Hospital because everyone makes you feel at home and the doctors are always there to help educate me on things I don't know," she says.

At home, she has two dogs - a two-year-old Golden Retriever mix named Nugget and a five-year-old Lab mix named Titan. In her free time, Sydney shows horses in Hunter Jumper division. She enjoys hiking, riding horses, and going to her college's football games.

Kathleen Furr, Veterinary Technician

<? echo $title; ?>With her passion for and attentiveness to animals, Veterinary Ttechnician Kathleen Furr approaches her job with care and responsibility. She thoroughly enjoys interacting with the pets that come into the hospital and developing a relationship with both them and their parents. Kathleen joined the Lassiter Animal Hospital team in 2000.

"Employees at Lassiter Animal Hospital truly love caring for people's pets," she says. "Caring for the animals is their top priority. Also, the staff here is very knowledgeable and very friendly."

At home, Kathleen spends time playing with her own pets. She has two dogs, Jack and Beacon; two cats, Flash and Bruester; and a turtle. Kathleen also enjoys gardening, decorating, camping, and participating in her fitness group training.

Danielle LeBrun, Veterinary Technician

<? echo $title; ?>Danielle LeBrun brings 15 years of veterinary experience and a passion for animal care to her position as a Veterinary Technician at Lassiter Animal Hospital. Her responsibilities include assisting doctors, patient care, administering medication, and educating clients. She has a master's degree in education and joined our team in October 2008.

"I love helping pets become healthier and happier," she says. "I love helping owners become more educated about their pet and helping them become better informed pet parents."

Danielle has three furry companions: Aspen, a black Labrador, and two cats, Emelye and Bella. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, vacationing, reading, and spending time with her family.

Julie Denton, Veterinary Technician

<? echo $title; ?>Julie Denton is a skilled and compassionate Veterinary Technician who has been part of the Lassiter Animal Hospital team since 2001. Her responsibilities include assisting doctors during examinations, administering medication, taking X-rays, drawing blood, placing catheters, and "loving on animals." She has a bachelor's degree in biology from Kennesaw State University and, after spending six months caring for a paralyzed dog, has developed a particular interest in animals with special needs.

"The doctors and staff at our hospital are awesome," she says. "We all love the babies that come to see us."

When not at work, Julie keeps busy caring for her seven furry kids: three Cocker Spaniels (Guinness, Ziggy, and Bandit); two Chihuahuas (Rita and Zorro); and two cats (Dre and Kiku). She also enjoys hiking, gardening, grooming animals, and spending time with her husband and family.

Cheryl Berezin, Veterinary Technician

<? echo $title; ?>Veterinary Technician Cheryl Berezin first joined the team at Lassiter Animal Hospital in 1994; she parted with us for a time to pursue nursing, but returned in the spring of 2011 and rejoined us full-time that August. Her duties include caring for hospitalized patients, IV support and monitoring, administering medication, and surgery assistance. Cheryl has a bachelor's degree in nursing, and is an integral member of the team at Lassiter Animal Hospital.

"I like the teamwork between employees, especially the veterinary technicians and doctors," she says. They are great teachers, and we learn hands-on skills that are useful every day."

Cheryl has five dogs (Lex, Bullseye, Minnie Pearl, Apache, and Savannah) and a cat (Runtley). In her free time, she enjoys gardening, baking, hiking, cross-training, tennis, and running.

<? echo $title; ?>Lauren Fugate, Veterinary Technician

Lauren Fugate is a Veterinary Technician at Lassiter Animal Hospital. Her responsibilities include obtaining samples and taking care of hospitalized and surgical patients. Lauren has a Bachelor's of Arts in Studio Art, and has worked at Lassiter Animal Hospital since March, 2014. Before joining Lassiter, Lauren worked as an adoption counselor and administrative assistant for an animal shelter.

At home, Lauren has six cats and two dogs. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family.

Bronwyn Fuller

<? echo $title; ?>Bronwyn is our full-time Veterinary Technician who has been with Lassiter Animal Hospital since August 2017. She assists doctors with appointments, provides client education, and cares for hospitalized and surgical patients of our hospital.

Bronwyn attended UCA College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, where she was an Animal Science/Animal Health duel major. She's been working in the animal-related field for 28 years and has no sign of stopping now!

At home, Bronwyn has a six-year-old Dachshund named Pixie, as well as two aquariums. She enjoys horseback riding and fish keeping, as well as reading, gardening, cooking, photography, and spending time with her husband and daughter.

"I love working with a knowledgeable, experienced team that strives to provide high quality, compassionate medical care for our patients."

Nancy Gallegos, Kennel Manager and Groomer

<? echo $title; ?>Nancy Gallegos is Lassiter Animal Hospital's Kennel Manager and Groomer. Her responsibilities include hiring kennel staff, scheduling, interacting with the animals, grooming, bathing, and ensuring the safety of both our kennel employees and guests. With over 20 years of experience at Lassiter Animal Hospital, Nancy says her favorite part of her job is … everything!

Nancy has four dogs: Winnie, a chow mix; Milo, a Yorkie; Mikey, a Chi; and Romeo, also a Chi. In her free time, Nancy enjoys fishing, hiking, and going to yard sales.

Lynn Elrod, Assistant Kennel Manager

<? echo $title; ?>Lynn Elrod brings both her experience and her love of animals to her job as Assistant Kennel Manager at Lassiter Animal Hospital. Her responsibilities include supervising the kennel team as well as walking and feeding the boarding guests. Lynn joined the hospital in July 2002.

"I love working with the staff," she says. "And I just love animals in general."

Lynn has two dogs, Rachel and Lorali, and three cats, Chander, Ralph, and Twyla.

John Inglett

<? echo $title; ?>Jon is our full-time Kennel Technician, who joined our team in January of 2017. He feeds, walks, and cares for the dogs in our kennel and always enjoys giving our patients a much-needed stroll.

"I like working at Lassiter Animal Hospital because it's a great environment. All my coworkers are very nice and I enjoy working with dogs," Jon says.

At home, Jon has a two-year-old Chihuahua named Zena. In his free time, he enjoys fishing and hunting.

Kahle Chaney, Kennel Assistant

<? echo $title; ?>Biography coming soon!

Brittany Jett, Kennel Assistant

<? echo $title; ?>Biography coming soon!

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